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We are a team of multidisciplinary, innovative, commercial, and focused to contribute with light, con la iluminación ideal, para que tu espacio y proyecto sea incomparable; nos gusta tener para ti una extensa gama de productos y servicios. Somos los profesionales que respaldamos el diseño, tu buen gusto y aplicamos la ingeniería para trabajar a tu lado y contribuir a tu éxito. Somos Bluz.

Green energy

In the last few decades there has been a dramatic increase in the amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, this causes changes in climate due to global warming, for that reason there is an urgent need to migrate from the current energy system based on fossil fuels, and take advantage of natural sources and inexhaustible to generate clean energy, protect the planet, streamline the use of electricity and generate savings.

Blight promotes and contributes to the implementation of sustainable systems, by means of solar, wind, and upgrade technology without compromising the design and functionality of each project. We are creative and conscious Join! 

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Turn on, off, dimmed, and create lighting scenes, controls the irrigation system, air conditioning and electric blinds from your mobile device from any part of the world or from a centralized system in your home, building or business, we have the solution for you. What you imagine, we implemented it...

Photovoltaic systems

Let's take advantage of the natural source of energy and inexhaustible, to provide enlightenment to your day-to-day, forget the more charges to your receipt of light and energizes your whole environment. We design systems for interconnection to the network, island, and we have the best fixtures all in one LED, and hybrid systems on the market, guaranteed for more than 7 years and the funding that you require.

Light studies

We will be your ally for that you comply with the regulations, so, the technical regulations, and comfort in your space will be ideal.

Lighting projects professional

We work so that the light may be a different element, comfortable and unique for your space, we use the best in the market and we design together with you to find the solution and distinction of your project; we are the experts at your service and meet your needs for residential, industrial, landscaping, street lighting, commercial. We are here to support you.

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